Friday, October 31, 2008

The Plan

Dear Rebecca,


Please note that since you plan to undergo a cycle only in September, we will recommend you to start an oral contraceptive pill from day 1/2 of your mwenses in August(approx. 19th August) and continue the same for 21 daysie 8th September. You will get your next bleed by 11th/12th September when we can start your stimulation. The egg retrieval is therefore likely to be approx. 25th/26th September and the Embryo Transfer into a surrogate on 27th/28th September.

You are required to reach Mumbai by 11th/12th September so that we can start your injections here and can leave Mumbai by 29th September.

Please confirm if this schedule is fine.

We will plan for a surrogate accordingly. We will be able to mail you her profile only by mid August.

Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam

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