Saturday, November 1, 2008

Embryo Transfer? Sept 24th, 2008

To our amazement and suprise, we had an embryo transfer, we were under the impression all my follicles were empty, then we receive this email.

Dear Brett and Rebecca Brumfield,
The embryo transfer into your surrogate took place today. The procedure was smooth and uneventful.

Attached please find your IVF cycle summary and embryo picture.

Kind regards,
Dr Pratik Tambe.

I can't copy and paste the report in, so here is a brief summary. Two follicles were aspirated, 2 ovum retrieved. One fertilized, resulting in Grade C embryo.

This is our anniversary, was this a sign. Could it still really happen, hope still remains, although this egg is poor quality. Besides the fragmentation, I don't know why the egg was graded so poorly so will email the docs to find out.

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