Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Never Say Never

There is always hope. Today I discovered, not by coincidence, because I do believe everything happens for a reason, a blog about a beautiful young lady named Patricia. She has Cystic Fibrosis too, and just had a baby not long ago. Her wonderful husband has done an amazing job of creating their blog. Go check it out, it is in my blog list. Confessions of a CF husband. I have also found on their website an article of a man with CF who was told he could never have kids. Miracles do happen, I am realizing that everyday I grow older and get to enjoy my wonderful husband. I have been so selfish, dwelling so much on having a baby, when I should be enjoying the miracle I am given everyday. Another day of LIFE with him. Reading their story brought tears to my eyes. I know how much someone can want a baby. I am so happy for Patty, you go girl!!! You are so strong and such an inspiration for me...I am not giving up on having a family of my own, but I am going to appreciate my family and all that I have so much more than I already do. I love them all so much, and they are always there for me. Here is the link to the other story.

I Would Die For That