Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now That I Look Back

I am asked over and over, what would I have done differently? Well, first of all I would not have chosen Rotunda. If not for other reasons, simply for the fact that the doctors are cold and flat. They have a very business as usual attitude and no humaness or compassion. Second, I did not like the fact everything was so secretive. I could not meet the surrogate, but other clinics allow it, but not Rotunda. I signed a contract that I never got to see again. No other signatures were on it before mine. I wonder if a surrogate even existed. I would definately not reccomend Rotunda to anyone else. I would use Surrogacy India, or Dr. Patel in Anand. If I were rich with endless funds, I would do surrogacy right here in the U.S. but we all know, if that was the case, none of us would be looking to India for surrogacy. For what I spent on travel, meds, lodging and the actual payment to the clinic I could have done 2 cycles of IVF here. If I could give advise it would be to do a cycle here and have your embryos frozen and shipped to India. To a clinic you can trust. Trust is a huge issue, as they could be lying to you all along and you would never know. Good luck to you all and if you have questions or comments, just message me and I will answer all that I can.

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