Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sept.22nd, 2008

Egg retrieval today. Mixed emotions, we don't know what to think of it all. I am confused and hurt. First of all the experience was very scary as the procedure was done in the clinic. I thought it would be done in the hospital. Second, the anesthesioligist came in to talk to me before they took me back, she was suprised to find out that I had a lung condition. This made me very nervous. Anyway, we went ahead with the procedure. As I started waking from the drugs, the doctor came in and told me my eggs were no good and all my follicles were empty. I started to cry and was trying to ask questions in my semi-conscious state, I don't even know if she could understand me. She went on to tell me they had a nice Indian egg donor that was ready if I wanted to use her eggs with my husbands sperm and go ahead with the transfer as planned. I just started crying hysterically. It was all too much and I wasn't AWAKE yet. I kept asking for my husband. Finally he came in and I was awake alittle more, and I tried explaining to him what had happened and asked if they had approached him as well. He told me no. So we tried to talk to a nurse to see if we could speak to the doctors again, but we were told we could go now,(there was a bad communication barrier with staff), they just didn't understand us. So we went back to our hotel. After hearing the devastating news, we decided to change our plans and leave immediately, no need to stay now, no transfer would be taking place. So home we go at Midnight.

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