Monday, November 3, 2008

So now what?

With all that is going on, the house, don't even get me started. We have been camping now for close to 6 months in a camper along side our new house. We are currently getting it wired and plumbed, the process is sooooo slow. We think we may be able to move in by the end of November, but it will not have any walls (sheetrock, ect.) until spring. That's ok, I can live with that!!! We are tapped out as far as funds go. My RE here wants to do a cycle on me, he doesn't want me to give India another try until we know I definately can't DIM. My kidney doc is a go, but my CF doc says noway, unless I can bring my lung function up to 60% by February. So now I am walking, blowing up balloons, I know sounds funny, but it is good lung excersize. Doing 6 breathing treatments a day. Drinking lots of water, and cutting down on the cokes and coffee. I am trying to improve my egg quality just in case the Indian docs are right, although my RE here tells me I am worrying for not. Now I must try and regather my family and friends to help me raise some money for IVF on me if I can get my lungs in shape, or surrogacy #2 with perhaps donor eggs, if I can't. I have put a donate button on my pages, no hits so far, except from my mother, god bless her. I know I am probably trying to ask the wrong people as I know the difficulties we all share. I hope not only us read each others blogs. Anyway that is the status for now. I am not too good with the blog stuff, I am new to it, so be patient, and any suggestions are welcome.

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