Monday, November 17, 2008

Feelin' Good

I feel so much better! I even feel like I have gained a pound or two if that is possible. I am excited because my heatpump was just finished being installed today. Brett picked up our jacuzzi tub yesterday so the plumbing can now be finished. The house is coming together. I hope we can make it in before Christmas, but if not, that is ok too. Here is a pic, I don't think I have posted one yet. We have foster parent class tomorrow evening so they have to let me go today, well I hope they will, it looks promising.


Mark and Julie said...

WOW!!!!!!!! What a beautiful house! So your blog sparked my interest on

Where are you in the surrogacy process? I think this is amazing and I wish you the best!!!

(wife to Mark 28 w/CF)

Becca said...

We tried but it didn't work, we can't afford to try again, not yet anyway, I was wanting to try to carry myself, but my lungs being at only 44%, it is scary. I didn't realize you are put on the transplant list when you hit 30%...I would like to go again, but we are going to have to do some serious fundraisers. My family and friends have been wonderful about helping me. It is alot cheaper in India. Thanks for the support!!

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