Friday, November 21, 2008

Feelings of Sadness

Isn't it funny how one person can say something to you that just ruins your day. Changes your outlook until you find a way to recooperate. People talk about things without having a clue. How can someone who is older and has children and grandchildren of their own think they have a clue about what you feel or are going through. I am so tired of these people telling me to accept what god has chosen for me. Would they accept it so easily? All I hear is how their children are their lives, then they blow my desire for them off like it is nothing. If they were in my shoes would they just have accepted it? I'm just so tired of people wanting me to give up, and I am tired of talking to them about it. I wish they would just stop asking me about how things are going. I know better than anyone how my body is a failure, how it lets me down everyday. I am making the best of it and I do not want to die. That is the furthest from my desires. However, we take risks everyday of our lives, sitting in a vehicle is probably one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis. There is no certainty in anything, not what the doctors say or even I will get pregnant if we are able to raise the money and try on me next year. I would just like some words of kindness and encouragement; of keeps those spirits up, keep your chin up, it will work out somehow, instead of accept what god has given you, I am so sick of that!!!


Linda said...

Dear Rebecca.

It makes me sad and angry hearing what people say to you.
I sertanly know that I don't accept my situation, and neither should you. I think we create our own reality, and even if it is not a human right having children, I think we have every right trying in what ever way we want.
Keep up your good spirit. You are a big inspiration for others in this situation. And know that a lot of people support you.

Big hug from Linda
(sorry the english, I'm Norwegian ;)

Amy said...

Hi Rebecca!

I saw you were following my blog so I thought I would come over and see yours :)

I'm sorry to hear that people are not supportive but remember this is YOUR journey not theirs. I know it is hard but ignore them. They have no idea the torment CFers deal with deciding whether or not to have babies. They could at least try to help make it somewhat easier :)

Best of luck to you!!!

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