Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Injections Tomorrow

I have an appointment at the hospital, get my blood drawn to see if my hemoglobin is low and if it is, I will receive an injection. I feel really bad, I have coughed an extra lot today, and I am exhausted. Too tired to answer personal attacks that people seem to be relentless with, on different forums. I have to focus on getting my strength up, I have lost another pound, down to 109. My doc isn't gonna be happy. I have been using all the sandical and calorie boosters he gave me, but I have been coughing so much, and with this new pneumonia I have, it is almost futile, imagine if I weren't taking the extra calorie stuff. I would say odds aren't good that the appointment with the high risk guy is gonna go well. Guess we will know in a few weeks. Please if you feel that I only write these things for pity then don't read it. I write these things to let people know who is in my shoes that things aren't always hopeless, to give information, inspiration, and hopefully will connect with those people. To all my friends with CF, be strong and I love you guys.

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