Saturday, December 20, 2008

Clinic Visit Yesterday

My PFT's are not significantly improved. I had 2 that were still 44% and one that was 47%. I am colonized with a new PA that is resistant to all oral meds, so IV's if I become symptomatic. I am starting to wish I had waited 'til after Christmas to try the IUI, it is going to be so dissappointing if it didn't work. I don't feel any different so I have a feeling no luck this time. My mom went with me to the clinic yesterday and we talked about the fund raisers we are going to start soon. We have got to get on the ball to raise even close to enough money by mid summer. The docs and I really wanted to do it in February so I would be pregnant during the warm months, but it just isn't going to happen. There is no way we can do enough fundraisers to raise that much in a month's time. We usaually invest $400 and make $400, and we have people that volunteer to deliver the dinners and help box them up to be delivered. We rent the local community center kitchen to prepare everything. We have a few people walk in also. I make some really great quilts and some other things I am thinking about doing a contest on here with....what do you guys think? Ideas? What about a purse? Maybe that would do better...Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I am headed to CPR and First Aid training, lol, for my adoption/foster care stuff, then to a Marshall basketball game tonight....WE ARE MARSHALL!!! My husband runs his dad's wrecker business and helped an old man with his vehicle, his daughter who works in the Marshall athletic department found out and sent him Marshall tickets for about 20 games, football and basketball. I guess good deeds are rewarded!! If you haven't seen the movie WE ARE MARSHALL, go rent it, we are very proud to be a part of that legacy. I took some classes thru Marshall, but my husband is Alumni.

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