Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fertility Acupuncture~Testimonial

Guess I am going to have an open mind and be the guinea pig. Even for people doing surrogacy this could help produce better quality eggs, or so that is what my research so far as shown. I am gonna give it a shot and we will see.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Rebecca -- I came across your blog through Sara's blog. I hope you don't mind comments from a stranger. I wanted to share my acpuncture story with you. My husband has CF and received a double lung tx in 2001. In 2006 we decided to try to have a child through IVF. I had used acpuncture before and read how it could improve one's chances with IVF so I went to pretty much weekly treatments with my acpuncturist during our cycle and after egg transfer. I also participated in an acpuncture study our center was doing (SRM, in Seattle) and had acpuncture immediately before and after egg transfer. I was blessed and lucky to become pregnant and carry our son Liam to term successfully. I had acpuncutre throughout the first trimester about every other week to support healthy pregnancy. Will's sister had tried to have a baby through IVF and had gone through at least 3 cycles. On her last cycle she added acpuncture and she will celebrate her daughter's 1-year birthday this April. I am a real believer that acpuncture can help; I've never had a painful or unplesant experience with the needles. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope for the very best outcome.

Rebecca said...

I appreciate any comments. Thanks for visiting.

Yaya said...

I do acupuncture and LOVE it! Def works for helping to conceive (It's the keeping the baby thing I'm still having problems with.....)

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