Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 day Ultrasound

I had my 3 day ultrasound on injectables. I have 3 very large follicles and 3 that are trailing closely. I have 3 more days to go before my next ultrasound. I was kinda disappointed but he was aiming for this number. He said he doesn't want a mess like John & Kate and the octomom, who all did injectables with IUI. It is alot higher chances of multiples because they are not controlling the number of eggs in there. On other notes, I have been riding Rosie now, still working all the beanies and Meg's blanket that I know I should already have to her, plus working on the house. The foster/adopt worker came for our home visit on Tuesday and she says she is ready to fill up the house with kiddos, to just let her know when we are ready. I am no where near ready. I have to find a crib, I have lots of clothes though. Everyone has gotten me lots of baby clothes. Guess that is easy. It is the big things I have to get. There are a couple ladies getting ready to give birth and there babies are gonna be taken so they could be placed with us. That is kinda exciting. I am also working on my pond, it has 16 goldfish now, but I still have tons of rocks to collect and stack around it before winter. Whoo, I have too many irons in the


candi said...

3 big ones is great! How exciting. You know the others trailing behind will probally be caught up and ready with the rest, I beleive that follicles and grow up to 2 mm a day. YAAAAA... Remember it only takes one! Good luck!!

Christy said...

Praying for you girl!! :)

Amani said...

Hoping, wishing, praying for a great cycle and positive result for you. Don't worry about the blanket .. plenty of time as we're still not pregnant!!!

Kristen said...

Yay! And I hope you don't have to worry about HOM. I agree it is scary, but, if the doctors are careful, they can keep the odds of that happening low.

(And, just an FYI - octomom actually had her octoplets through IVF. I think she had 6 embies transferred & they all stuck and two split into twins...which is part of the reason it was soooo controversial because IVF doctors usually only transfer 1-3 (max) embies!).

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