Thursday, October 22, 2009

INpatiently waiting for our BFP!

The suspense is killing me, so much more so than when it was me, my failing body, my disappointing uterus! This is the time that there really are hopes and possibilities. Even through all the waiting, my stress and anxiety about baby making is over. I have found my salvation, the "answer" I have been praying for these some 15 years. I have an inner peace that I have not had for so long. I have my surromom to thank, she is my angel.

For many years now, I have lost all faith, I had given up on prayer and believing that there was a higher being that would make it all better. After all, I had prayed for years and never got an answer, until now. I feel that my name must finally have reached the top of the list and all the stress, hurt, and anxiety has left me in one fell swoop. I have no doubts that next year I am gonna be a mommy, maybe not this month, but it is going to happen soon. That is fantastic.

Everything in my life has changed. Brett and I are so happy. We are laughing and enjoying each other the time we have left as a single couple. This must be how it feels for someone with no difficulties achieving a pregnancy. I love my surromom for letting me live this vicariously through her, she is amazing! What kind of special heart must she have, to do something so selfless? One that not many have on this earth. The heart of an angel. Giving the gift of life. Giving me my baby.


jojo said...

I'm so happy for you, Bec! I'll be thinking of you and sending lots of baby dust and sticky thoughts your way.


Amani said...

I love hearing of your happiness. Waiting alongside you every day for the news of a BFP!

Lisapon said...

Can't wait to hear the great news!!!

RebekahRose said...

Beautiful post!! I can't wait to celebrate with you when you get that BFP! :)

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