Saturday, November 21, 2009

Staying Busy......trying not to dwell.

So my husband had his last day in court over his son yesterday, things went well for him. He wants custody so not as well as we would like, but it seems mental abuse and not obeying the court's order for 6 years isn't enough to give the father custody. Anyway, she does know that things are serious now and she better obey the court order. He also got 3 weekends a month which is great for around here. He gets 2 weeks in the summer with her 1 and him 2 rotating until summer break is over. So that is great. He has more visitation than he ever has, the thing is, she doesn't obey the order. I do think though, with this judge, there will be consequences if she doesn't. Football season is over now and I just finished my s-son's football pictures, here is one I am so proud of, I think it turned out great.

I have been doing alot of stuff, digging out all my Christmas decorations....I love to decorate, but I hate the feeling of obligation that comes with Christmas anymore. I hate shopping, and we really can't afford to spend the thousands that we usually do, when we get everyone in the family and distant family gifts. It just isn't fun when you stress about the money.....I know, scrooge, this year anyway. We just realistically can't afford it. We have so much left to do on the house, business isn't great, I don't work anymore, and we have a big responsibility with the surrogacy. So I wish we could just all get together, eat and enjoy one another, I prefer not to exchange gifts. That's just me.

So the countdown is about 3 to 4 days away until we can test. It will still be early, but I know it will happen as we both are poas I am wishing for the best gift ever for my birthday, a BFP!!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


ShannonM1976 said...

Good Luck with the pee sticks! I'm stalking your blog and SMO waiting for the BFP. You did a great job on the picture. And I couldn't agree with you more about Christmas.

Bridget said...

I can not wait for the posting of positive pee sticks! Your surro's BETA results are going to be great I just feel it in my bones!

BTW: Thank you for all of your help so far on this journey!

AND: I'm thinking a hat that is an earthy green and yellow for the new baby girl I emailed about! I will email later to get specifics, can I pay with paypal or do I need to pay with check or money order?

Amani said...

I , too, was a POAS addict. Pee early pee often is my motto. : ))

Thinking of you all the time.


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