Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scarves To Make A Baby

I have just posted a slideshow of a scarf I made last year as a gift. I can make any weight, thickness, short or long, I can even make the hairy kind, if anyone knows what I am talking about. One like this one in the slide show, I have to have $35.00 for, it is very thick and warm, it is tightly crocheted and is about 6 ft long, I will have to measure it to be sure. These are really nice in a looser stitch and lighter weight about half as wide, to be warn in early spring and fall with a t shirt or whatever just for some added warmth. Email me with order and specs and I will get the scarves rollin'. Thanks girls, and remember, you are doing this so maybe someday I can buy a scarf or two for kids of my own. I guess we can just set payment up for making a contribution to the ivf fund and go from there. The lady who was the first to donate please email me your info, I would like to make you a scarf as a thankyou gift.


Christy said...

I want one!!!! I'll email you what I want. :) Good luck with everything.

Molly said...

Hi, i am adopting a baby plus we had ivf for our own, so we are always in need of $$ as well. What I did to help, is to open an online store where I sell my stuff I knit. You can look at my store at, it's a great site, you can see that there are quite a lots of sales, and all stuff is handmade and maybe you can open your own and sell your scarves to help with your costs !! Hopefully you will have lots of luck with sales like i had, good luck!!

Katey said...

I just wanted to say that I've been following your blog and are praying for you! I have CF and have had a transplant and desperately want a baby of my own someday, but have also been advised by medical professionals not to. I have mixed emotions about that and not sure what I will do when the times come. Thanks for your informative links!! And best of luck with everything!!

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