Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Cycle, Another Winter Month...

I simply hate winter. I stay so sick and congested. I have been having an awful time breathing, I started prednisone and levaquin last week and I am having another episode. It started yesterday when I took my mom to the clinic and a lady's perfume set me off. Couldn't quit coughing so I went out and waited in the Blazer. Started recovering alittle by about 3pm. I got home last night and Brett had decided he would vacuum everything in the camper and stirred dust up and I feel like I am going to croak today. The mud is so bad right now from all the construction around the house and the camper is so little you just can't keep it clean. The vacuum does nothing but stirs it into the air. I think I may die if I don't get out of that camper soon. It has really taken a toll on me in the last few months. The prednisone made me feel so much better the first 2 or 3 days but now I seem back to the same state if not worse. It is asthma symptoms because I do get some relief when I leave the situation that irritates me. Days like these I wonder what am I thinking trying to get pregnant.

Now onto that subject. I have an acupuncture appointment for the full fertility workup that I couldn't get last time. I go Thursday. I am taking Femara this cycle and I can't tell if I am having any bad side effects from it, as I feel so crappy to begin with. This is why my docs wanted me to get pregnant and be pregnant during summer months. Oh well, life doesn't always work as we would like to plan.

Prayers going out to G-man, I have been thinking of him alot and hope he is progressing well. Prayers to the family of the donor also.

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