Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more Week

One more week of IV's for now. That will make 3 weeks total. I am feeling alot better though. Hopefully this will do me for a year or maybe two if I am lucky. They think the camper is the culprit and I am not allowed back in it. Now I am staying with mom, which of course make us even more anxious to get into the house. Got a call from NECCO, the foster agency yesterday and we will be meeting with the state guy who will be doing our interview and it may be at our house. I told them I was more than happy to give him the tour of the sticks in my house, because there isn't much more than that right now. We will be done by the time we are finished with the process though, as it takes a long time to get the whole process completed, especially when you are doing the foster to adopt option. Thanks to all for checking in on to you all again soon.

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candi said...

I hope that you get all tuned up and back on your feet soon! Iv's suck!

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