Monday, March 9, 2009

And Yet Another Week!

Running a low grade temp of 99.9 when I went to the doc this week, I was informed I would get another wonderful week of IV's. It's ok. I am feeling alot better. I needed a cleanout. Lots going on right now. Spending the first night in our house tonight. Even though we only have 2x4 walls. We are so happy. If we can manage just to get the house livable....which means working showers, toilets and kitchen we may be able to get a home equity loan...we are keeping our fingers crossed. Brett is working on getting a great new job working with my brother who makes great money....but he is a lineman/journeyman. Brett has to start at at the bottom, a groundsman, but still better money than he is making now. I am also getting ready to start working from home. I am working with Rehab, they have found me a job doing case management from home. I will only have to go into the office for staff meetings maybe a few times a month. I am psyched about it. It will be tons better than my $900 I make now on disability. It really sucks when you are used to two incomes and suddenly the largest one is gone. It makes everything hard. I miss work also. I really loved my job. This will be different but I think I will like it. I am finished with Amani's beautiful baby Afghan I have been working on for her. She will love it. My husband wants me to make one just like it for our baby when we have one. He hasn't given up yet. We will have one, I am trying to stay positive. If anyone is interested in me making them one or scarfs or anything else, shoot me an email at Thanks for visiting.


Natalia Ritchie said...

Wow, it sounds like so many good things are happening for you guys. and you are sounding so positive and hopeful!! I am so proud of you.
I hope that the loan comes through and that you can finish the home. And I really really hope that the new job (both yours and your hubby's) works out brilliantly.

Molly said...

Hi your scarves are great. Have you tried selling them on I left you a comment few weeks ago, but im not sure if you noticed, its a great site for selling handmade items, im having a great luck there myself

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