Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India

This is unreal. This is where we were in September!! This is so scary for everyone, already gone with babies expected, people there right now, and those who are scheduled to go in the future. I am sorry everyone. Good luck and prayers to you all!!

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Lissa said...

Hello Becca, We are close and similiar in alot of ways. I am unable to have children myself because I am already in menopause so I have been looking into surrogacy also in India after seeing the same Oprah episode. But I have had my sister and my ex-husband's sister offer to be our surrogate. I am not sure what we will decide yet. The Lord will tell me what and when to do it, if ever. I am glad to hear that you might be able to carry your own child and that is great news. I hope that what ever you guys decide to do will work out the best. Talk to you soon,
Lissa Liston

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